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Informative Articles

We have written a collection of interesting and informative articles for everyone to enjoy, from the beginner to the avid gardener. We have grouped them according to topic so that you can easily find the information you are looking for.  The Landscape Design articles are a great place to start if you are thinking of making changes to your present landscaping or installing a new landscape, building a home, planning a major renovation, or adding a pool.  The articles on Property Maintenance will answer your questions on lawn care, pruning and plant care along with a handy check list for each month maintenance activities.  The Gardening articles are a great source of information on many gardening topics.  The Plant articles provide information on bulbs, tropical’s, perennials and trees including help with choosing plants.  Please feel free to read the articles, print them out and share the information with friends and family.  If you would like to give us your feedback contact us and let us know how we can help.

 Landscape Design

Planning Ahead The Impact of Trees in our Landscapes
New Trends for 2011 Colours and Their Impact
Garden Rejuvenations Care and Protection of Trees During Construction
Turning Your Project Green Plan an Early Start For Your Projects
Grading Your Property Extending The Garden Season
Design 101 How to Create Winter Interest In Your Garden
Scented Gardens Eco Trends in Gardening
Easy Gardens Foliage for the Garden
Gardens Beyond Beauty A Standing Ovation for Fall Colour
Garden Rooms Winter Interest Never Looked So Good
Vertical Gardening Unique Garden Design Ideas
Garden Art Beautiful Butterflies in Your Garden

Property Maintenance

Love Your Lawn                               Garden Improvements:The Best Bang for Your Buck
Benefits of Pruning The Mysterious World of Fertilizers
March Check List April Check List
May Check List June Check List
September Check List October Check List
Turf Care A Fresh Start for Old Favorites
Pruning 101


Watering Tips How to Deal with Slugs
The Science of Soils The Hymn of the Hummingbird
Attracting Birds Division and Propagation Techniques
Your Yard Matters Get Them Before They Get You
Japanese Beetles Poison Ivy Anyone?
Lily Leaf Digging up the Dirt on Earthworms
Grubs Know Your Enemy and Have a Weed Free Summer
Deadheading Moss: A Friend of Foe?
Seed Collecting Defense Against Deer


Know Your Plant Lingo Spring Bulbs to Awaken Your Senses
10 Best Dry Shade Plants Best Upright Deciduous Trees
Tropicals for the Garden Tips Before Buying Plants
Summer Flowering Bulbs  
Berry Bounty is Beneficial Goodnight Amaryllis, See You On The Encore
Spring Bulbs Companion Planting; Never Have Lonely Plants Again
Clematis Confusion Marvelous Maples
Helleborus Niger Athyrithum Niponicum - "Pictum"
Pulsatilla Vulgaris Euonymus Alata - "Compactus"
Sempervivum Sp. Helenium Autumnale
Canna Sp. Aconitum Napellus & Tricyrtis Hirta
Galanthus Byzantinus Phlox Subulata - "Candy Stripes"
Pulmonaria Officinalis Sauromatum Guttan
Narcissus Chelone Obliqua
Primula Iris Pumila
Lilium Calamagrostis Acutiflora - "Karl Foerster"
Sedum Grow Your Mind



Landscape Installation