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Turf Care

The best way to fertilize a lawn is with a drop spreader. Simply pour the fertilizer into the top,
and -- as the name implies -- it drops out of the bottom. You can change the settings to adjust
the amount of fertilizer that is dropped on the lawn.

Start by measuring the square footage of your lawn to estimate the amount of fertilizer you'll
need to buy, and be sure to buy a good-quality product. The bag will include directions for use
and a table with information regarding the settings for various brands of spreaders. Remember:
The more nitrogen you apply, the more often you'll have to mow. If doing the work yourself is
not for you, contact a landscape professional and inquire about a
maintenance contract.

The process of spreading fertilizer is actually very simple. Fertilize along the edges of the lawn.
If there is an edging, keep one wheel on the edge. Walk at your normal pace. Shut off the
spreader when you get to the end before you come to a full stop. This will avoid the fertilizer
from dropping suddenly and burning your lawn.

Take a little time once a week to walk around and see what your lawn is asking for and you’ll be rewarded
with a healthy happy green lawn.


Landscape Installation