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Garden Art

Tired of your same old yard or garden? Garden decor and garden art are a way to spice things up.
Sometimes a garden is boring simply because it is empty, devoid of anything and everything but
lawn. With water conservancy becoming more and more of an issue, maybe it's time to think of
something other than grass. Or perhaps you have an already established perennial garden but
feel something is missing? No matter what your taste, be it country, classic or modern, there are
garden structures and art to suit everyone.

There is more to garden art than placing a few gazing balls around the yard. Endless possibilities
allow gardeners to fill in empty areas, conceal unsightly features or let their personality spill
outside of the house. Garden art spans from abstract to whimsical, and can draw the eye towards
a particularly beautiful area of your property, or draw they eye away from something you’d rather

When considering items for your garden, look for appropriate sized items that will complement the
landscape. A cluster of small ceramic pieces can look great tucked among miniature roses along
a front border but would be lost around larger bushes along the back of the garden. Likewise you
don't want to overpower the scenery with a large placement near the front which blocks the view of
your fabulous floribundas. Grouping items also gives you visual focus rather than the dreaded polka
dot look.

There is no need to fill your garden with art right from the beginning. Installations can be added over
time. Pieces can also be moved around (size permitting), changing the look of the landscape from
year to year or even for each season. A fun quest can be searching for garden art pieces as you travel.
You can even plan a day trip with the purpose of seeking that perfect sculpture, bird house or ceramic
piece for your backyard retreat. But unless you plan to over-winter your art indoors, be sure to make
sure the object you select is intended to withstand the daily punishment of being exposed to the

Many items are designed to change with age, especially wood and metalwork. When left out to the
elements, wood can take on a beautiful silvery sheen that can be complimentary to both modern and
classic tastes, while metal can tarnish and rust, lending a pleasing contrast to foliage.

 Simple ideas to liven up your garden with art:

  • arbors, gazebos or rose pillars
  • statuary - wind sculpture
  • bird Feeder or bird Bath
  • architectural ornaments

The sky is the limit when selecting garden art. You can decorate using a specific theme or color
combination. Repeating patterns is another option. For example, a simple gazing ball can be place
to compliment circular elements in a trellis, spherical topiary, curving borders and other round features.
Other shapes such as triangles (with pyramids), rectangles (with cubes) and other repeating profiles
can be used as well. For a dramatic effect at night, consider installing night lighting to showcase your
treasured pieces.



        Happy Art Gardening!



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