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Garden Rooms


When choosing the "floor" of your garden room using different materials, consider its use. If foot
traffic will be heavy, use hard materials i.e.: pavers, pre-cast concrete slabs, flagstone, pea
gravel, stone dust, cast in place concrete, wood, mulch.

If foot traffic is going to be rather light, consider plant materials such as grass or
ground covers.


Use the “wall” element to create privacy and to define the boundaries of your garden room. This can be done with hard materials. For instance: trellises and arbours, pre-cast concrete wall systems, natural stone, stone/Boulders (large specimens), wood timbers, or fences (wood, acrylic panels, etc.)

Or plant materials i.e.: perennial beds/retaining walls framing the space, hedges, vines, columnar trees (Upright trees that won’t invade the space)


Create a ceiling to make the space intimate. Use a combination of materials such as
hard materials like a pergola or awning, and plant materials like vines and hanging baskets.


Incorporating water features in your garden room can add soothing sounds to the space.

  • Fountains
  • Bird Baths
  • Ponds
  • Wall Fountains

Incorporating ornaments and art in the space will personalize your garden room.

On the floor:

  • Standing statuaries on the floor or in adjoining beds.
  • Planters add plant material where you don’t have beds.
  • Help incorporate specimen plants (not hardy) and trees in the space.
  • Using ornaments directly in the floor (decorative stepping stones).

On the walls:

  • Adding decorative mirrors/windows.
  • Mounted containers allow the eye to travel up; unifies the garden with the space, adds plant material in the space.
  • Ornaments personalize the space.
  • Decorative trellises and obelisks create walls that are ornamental.

On the ceiling:

  • Hanging ornaments (chimes for sound, glass that reflects light/colour)
  • Hanging candle holders for light at night.
  • Hanging decorative baskets with plants; brings plant material up, and unifies with the garden.

Incorporate furniture in the space to make the garden room comfortable. Remember to choose furniture that is in proportion to your garden room. You can use furniture to create focal points and niches in your garden room, or use built in furniture (stone or wood) for added seating and storage (benches, bars, counters, decorative shelves etc)

Putting all the elements of the garden room together will completing the space.

Things to remember:

Use materials that work well together.
Add lighting to your space!!!
Make your garden room a space you’ll want to spend time in and enjoy.
Make the space comfortable.
Use your imagination.

Enjoy your garden room!


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