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Chelone Obliqua

Common Name: Shellflower or Turtlehead

Planting Time: Spring of Fall When Temperatures Cool

Height: 2-4 ft

Spread: 1-5 ft Clumps

Exposure: Full Sun to Full Shade

Soil: Rich, Well-Drained Moist Soil, Sunnier Areas Require More Moisture

Hardiness: Zone 3-8

Bloom Colour: Pink or White

Foliage Colour: Dark Green-Waxy Foliage

Bloom Time: July to End of September

This North American native plant is a deep shade showstopper that actually rhymes with bologna
(sha-lone-ee)! Chelone is Greek for tortoise; the blooms look very much like a turtles' head. It is
said that this plant was named after a Greek nymph that refused to attend the wedding of Zeus
and Hera because she could not be bothered to leave home; she was then turned into a turtle,
forcing her to carry her house with her for eternity. This is one of the few perennials that can take
full sun all the way up to deep shade depending on moisture availability in the soil. Turtlehead is
a tall, upright clump-forming perennial that is not invasive even though it spreads by underground
rhizomes. The fact that it is quite tall, does not require staking and spreads without being a pain
is an absolute selling point! Some have said that they need to stake their turtleheads, but this is
often because the soil is too dry. If the soil is too dry while it is in the sun, then the foliage will tire
and powdery mildew can occur. Other than powdery mildew there is little that affects this
awesome plant.

Native peoples used Chelone as part of their basic medicinal remedies. Normally it was used
as a tea to cure ailments to increase the appetite all the way up to treat worms, fevers and
jaundice. Today, it isused to simply give pleasure to those who gaze upon it. Shade gardens are
a common addition to the modern household for relaxing and regrouping your thoughts, whether
it is by yourself or with your family and friends, it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of
everyday life.

Blooming from July all the way to the end of September, how could you not want a few of these
for yourself? This is a plant that really needs minimal care in return for such a long flower show.
Although not a shout-it-out-loud plant, its exotic long lasting blooms will manage to catch your
attention and your heart from across the yard. This is a great plant to be grouped with Lungwort,
ferns and Hostas. Having the right plants in your garden will make or break your space; Chelone
is a graceful addition for its soft demeanor and color quietly occupying a cool corner of your oasis.


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