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Pulmonaria Officinalis

Common Name: Lungwort

Planting Time: Early Spring/Early Fall
                         Some Varieties Will Readily Self Seed if Not Dead-Headed

Height: 8-12 Inches

Spread: Ground Cover and Mound Forming

Exposure: Full Shade to Part Sun

Soil: Moist, Well Drained

Hardiness: Zone 4-9

Bloom Color: Pink, Fading to Purple and Finishing with Blue

Foliage Colour: Nettled, Green with Spots, Streaks and/or Splotches of White

Bloom Time: Mid Spring

This plant is definitely more than meets the eye. Usually by the time the nurseries and garden
centers are opened in the spring, they are rarely in bloom, and are often quickly dismissed. It
is difficult to describe how each little bell-shaped bloom stars out a rich pink, gradually turning
color to a royal purple and finishing with a blue bang! This is what really attracts people to it. An
added bonus is the fact that it is one of the earliest flowers available to hummingbirds when they
arrive from the south for the summer. The foliage is spectacular in and of itself. Whether it is
spotted, stripped or white, the cultivars are endless nowadays. For foliage interest, this is your
best bet for a shade bed especially if you are looking for something to lighten up a green area of
your shade garden and create some impact at the same time.

Although it is said that Lungwort can tolerate sunny conditions, be aware that, as the season
heats up, it needs to be kept moist; otherwise the leaves will brown and tire. You will then need
to cut the foliage back to the ground and wait for new growth. This will keep the plant fresh looking
for a longer duration. If it happens to be at the front of a bed, it may leave a fairly large looking gap
for awhile but does not take long to fill in again. If this is done directly after flowering, it will prevent
powdery mildew and self-seeding. It does not take much time for the Lungwort to catch up in size
with the other plants after a good trim. Lungwort is also very easy to divide or move in either early
spring or early fall while the temperatures are cool to avoid foliage dieback.

Once Pulmonaria was only valued for its medicinal attributes for curing digestion and bronchial
problems by ancient herbalists; in today's' world
, it is loved for its' beautiful contribution to the
beloved shade garden and pollinators alike.


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