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Canna Sp.

Planting Time: Early March INDOORS, (for a head start). Rhizomes can also
                        be planted directly in beds after all risk of frost in late spring.

Height: 2FT – 8FT Depending on Variety

Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Soil: Moist, Well Drained

Hardiness: Zone 8

Bloom Colour: Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, Apricot and Cream.

Foliage Colour: Green, Grey-Green, Blue-Green, Purple, Variegated, Striped and Bronze.

Bloom Time: July-September

Uses: Pots, Borders and Specimens.

A perfect foliage focal point with glorious humming-bird attracting blossoms to boot. This is the
perfect "WOW!" factor for any garden whether in a mass, on its own, or harmonizing a potted
heaven. Originally used sparingly as only a foliage addition, the Canna proved itself as a tough,
drought-tolerant, disease resistant specimen eager to be the center of attention. This in turn,
made the Canna a spotlight must-have for every garden. A great addition to an area where
others could not make it. Here are a few of our favorite.

Purple Leaf Canna shown in header image.

Although a splendor, this is a plant that requires a little work. A classic case of give a little and get a LOT! Since this is a zone 8, it must be brought in for the winter. The up side of this is that you don't have to water or maintain it through the winter, you simply cut back the foliage before the fist frost, dig out the rhizomes with a garden fork, (to minimize root damage), allow to dry for a few days on newspaper, pack it in dry peat moss and then put in a cool dry place until spring. If your cannas are in a pot, simply pull out other plant material, cut back the foliage and allow soil to dry out before moving the pot into a heated garage or basement.

Most gardeners can't wait until spring which is why most start them early inside, which gives the garden and/or pots instant foliage. To break the dormancy, check out the March 2008 article "Grow Your Mind: Spring Planning".  If you do not already have this garden "Must Have" you can always drop in to see us at the Garden Centre and we would be happy to help you choose any of our outstanding varieties.


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