Your Yard Matters

The grips of winter have finally loosened its clenched fists of ice and snow. A time when one is
ready to rejoice until they realize that although the lingering sting of winter was gone, it left behind
bitter evidence of grit, broken branches, garbage, and t-posts; another bump in the road on the
path to relaxing in your hammock with the long awaited Sangria. No matter how long or short,
snow or no snow,  windy or not, there is always work to be done as soon as  the winter season is
over. With little threat of any more major snow storms or plummeting temperatures, it is time to let
in the warmth, check the damage and right those wrongs.

Take a walk around your yard and take notes as to what needs to be done. If it looks relatively
good, think about what could be done. There is quite a bit of yard work that can only be done in
the spring. Look at lawn quality, bed conditions and Hardscape conditions. Prioritize... what is
most important to you and how much time and/or money you want to spend at this time. For
example: if grass is a big concern to you then spring is the time to top dress and seed or sod.
Temperatures are cooler and success rates are higher. Fall is also a good time to fix or repair
your lawn if one chooses to wait. Consider these suggestions for a healthy yard and peace of

Remove winter preparation materials:

Yard Clean-up:

Call your lawn care providers for topdressing, seeding, sod, de-thatching, aeration, fertilizing, soil amendments and/or mulch. A strong, healthy lawn is your best organic way to fend off weeds, insects and disease. Your lawn care professionals will be able to set up a program that will be right for your individual needs.

*Most lawn repairs should be done in early spring or mid fall when temperatures are cool.