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Gardens Beyond Beauty

There is not one person in this world that does not like a garden. Whether or not you are a gardener, you can appreciate the beauty of the plant life. What if your garden could do more than just look good. Now with all of the apparent evidence of global warming, we are all looking to do our part to help repair the damage that has been done. What if I told you that while you were helping the environment, that you were also helping yourself? Having a garden, big or small, has more advantages than one would realize. Although our yard spaces are becoming smaller and people are becoming busier, there are lots of easy things we can do to help clean up our environment. It doesn't take much, but the difference it will make is immeasurable.

Were you aware that by planting a few trees in your yard that you could save money on your energy bills? That's right! Studies have proved that planting a deciduous tree on both the west and south side of your house would save you up to 40% in your air conditioning costs. A coniferous tree added to the north side of your home could add an additional 10% savings in your heating bills. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves kilowatts, which in turn will equal less pollution being produced and less natural resources being used. A great tree that is drought, disease, and pollution resistant to consider is the Ginkgo biloba. This is the king of trees because it actually survived the ice age, (Dinosaurs used to eat these!).

Caution:   If it is a female tree it will bear fruit. It is then called "STINKO GINKGO" because of its foul odor. Be sure to request a male specimen.

Plant choice is also a key factor in making changes for the better. Today there is an incredible choice of rock garden succulents, tap root and naturally tough plants to help make your garden everything you want it to be. Every year the summers are becoming hotter and the water bans seem to start earlier and last longer. Water issues are now a constant in all municipal, provincial and federal meetings. Not only do tough plants save water, energy and money, but they save you time because they are naturally self-reliant and need no attention. You can now spend more time doing things you love. Making time for yourself has been proven to be the toughest task of the modern age. Some great choices to start saving with are: Sedum "Autumn Joy", Hosta "Pauls' Glory", Achillea "Paprika", Coreopsis "Moonshine", Rudbeckia ful. "Goldstrum" and of course, Echniacea pur. "Kim's Knee High". All of which are always in stock at our garden centre.

Tasks such as mulching garden beds and installing soaker hoses, are a great way to keep the soil moist using the smallest amount of water. Composting kitchen and yard waste not only makes perfect sense, but is also very economical. By doing all of theses things together, you are nourishing your plant material, keeping your yard space clean,(and chemical free), and not using up valuable resources. Of course this takes a lot of work and dedication, but there are die-hard gardeners out there that do take this route for their contribution to help our environment, and for this you are greatly appreciated.

At the end of it all, it is just a matter of making decisions that are right for you. Planting trees on your property may not be an option especially if you are renting; but you could perhaps have drought tolerant plants and maybe a rain barrel for spot watering. Or perhaps you have all hardscape and you choose solar lighting instead of electrical options. It only takes a little to get a whole lot more from your property besides just another pretty yard to look at.

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