Euonymus Alata - 'Compactus'

Common Name: Burning Bush

Height: 4-9 feet (1 - 2m)

Exposure: Full Sun For Maximum Fall Color, But Will Take Some Shade.

Soil: Well Drained Soil, Will Take Some Dryness in Shade.

Hardiness: Zone 4

Bloom Colour: Lime- Green and Inconspicuous

Foliage colour: Dark Green

Fruit: Pink and Orange Berries in Fall.

Bloom Time: Flowers are in Mid-Late Spring; Not a Showy and Often Missed.

Burning Bush is a shrub that flies under the radar all season and then explodes in the fall. It’s
small, dark green leaves have a fantastic contrast to other foliages in the garden during the
summer but in the fall the Burning Bushes leaves start to turn to hot pink. Not only does it
radiates fiery pinks and reds, but bears pink and orange fruits that are persistent right into the
winter accentuating the winged bark as snow gathers between the wings and keeping your
interest all winter long. Basically, this is a plant that is the real deal! A true four season shrub.
The name itself says it all: Euonymus means “good plant” and alatus means “winged”. I
actually learned to identify this shrub by thinking that the wings on the bark fanned the flames
of the burning bush, just don’t ask me how I remembered the Latin.

The only thing you really have to concern yourself with is where you are going to put one in
your garden. Tolerant to pollution and acidic soils, it is a perfect choice for city dwellers and
country folks alike. Burning Bushes need full sun for the most vibrant fall color but will take
quite a bit of shade if color is not a concern and you just want to fill space. Because it adds
such substance to a bed, it is perfect for any purpose such as: a specimen planting, foundation
planting, mass planting or even as a hedge. Pruning can be done at any level whether it is light
touch-ups, structural, hard shearing or none at all. As summer simmers down, the Burning
Bush fires up for a year-end grand finale of unforgettable color and grace.