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Helenium Autumnale

Common Name: Sneezeweed

Height: 45-50 Inches (100-120 cm)

Exposure: Full Sun

Soil: Moist, Well-Drained Soil, Will Take Some Drought.

Hardiness: Zone 4

Bloom Colour: Yellow, Orange and Crimson with Brown Centers.

Foliage Colour: Dark Green Slender Leaves.

Bloom Time: Late Summer to Late Fall.

Helenium, named after Helen of Troy, is as tough as it sounds. It won’t launch a fleet of ships
ready for battle, but it will launch a new found appreciation for this tried and true beauty.
Helenium is a specimen for the middle to back border, it stands tall, and commands an
audience for its classic addition. No longer considered an old-fashioned mishap, Helenium is
beginning to regain its pristine reputation for performing under the most variable conditions with
the most variations of fall colors. With beautiful saturated colors of yellow, orange and crimson,
this fall beauty is sure to become a favorite.

Easily divided in the spring or fall, one can spread a little Sneezeweed throughout the property.
Sun, light shade, dappled shade, moist, dry, windy or calm, any spot will do. It is an excellent
partner with purple foliage and a little splash of silver for some dramatic effect or with purple
asters to really amplify a fall theme. A strong silent type. Whether on its own or with
accompanying plants, Helenium is re-becoming a fall “got to have it” addition.

There is no need to put a sales pitch to it…it can sell itself.

Great Companion Plants:


Aster novae-angeliae                                                 Centaurea cineraria
(New England Aster)                                                     (Dusty Miller)


Berberis thunbergii                                                    Acer palmatum
‘Rose Glow’                                                                   (Japanese Maple)



Landscape Installation