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Sempervivum Sp.

Common Name: Hens and Chicks

 Height: Foliage: 3-6 Inches (8-15cm)

           With Flower: 8-12 Inches (10-30 cm)

Exposure: Full Sun

Soil: Sandy, Well Drained. Very Drought Tolerant.

Hardiness: Zone 3

Bloom Colour: Pink or Yellow

Foliage Colour: Many Shades of Green, Red, Crimson, Grey or Blue-Grey.

Bloom Time: June-July

Sempervivum is a wonderful plant that constantly reproduces itself which is why it is so rightfully named
Ever-living. The large center floret is called the Hen and the small off shoots are the Chicks. The mother
plant produces the blooms and then dies, allowing the chicks to fill in the vacant space. The blooms are
quite exotic for the lack of a more appropriate word. The mother plant sends up a tall, thick stalk from the
center of her floretand a cluster of small flowers bloom at the very tip.

This sun loving drought tolerant beauty that barely needs soil is the too good to be true plant that has no
strings attached. Perfect for sandy, rocky soils or even tiny crevices in rock make this a necessity for
every garden. The less you give it the more it thrives! The only thing to watch for is water build-up in
areas that may retain water during the spring thaw. If sempervivum is left in a moist area too long, it will
rot. Drainage is key for success with this plant.

There are dozens of species and thousands of cultivars of this great find. Each one having a different
color, size, rosette or pubescence. Whether you love it or hate it, it is the best choice if you have really
poor, thirsty soil. Even then, something is better than nothing although I have never met a person that
didn't like this most resilient miracle.


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