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Helleborus Niger

Common Name: Christmas Rose

Height: 12 to 16 Inches (30-40cm)

Exposure: Light Dappled Shade

Soil: Moist, Well Drained. Do Not Allow to Dry Out.

Hardiness: Zone 4-9

Bloom Colour: White Aging to a Light Shade of Pink

Foliage Colour: Dark Green

Bloom Time:  Late Winter to Late Spring

Helleborus is a beautiful evergreen perennial whose name comes from the classical Greek
meaning Rose of Christmas. It blooms in late winter through until late spring. In some
cases a smaller re-bloom may occur in the fall as the weather cools. In Greek times,
Helleborus was a very popular plant because its poisonous roots (from some species) were
believed to be an effective cure for insanity.

Today Helleborus is making a stunning comeback. Larger, flashier plants have become a
favorite among avid gardeners. This subtle native from Eurasia is a fabulous and relatively
carefree addition to any shade garden; its only drawback is that it can parish if it dries out.
Many varieties and cultivars exist therefore when selecting a Helleborus for your gardens
make sure you verify its hardiness zone. If you are looking for a "strong silent type" in the
garden and wish to make a statement without saying a word, than this is the perennial for

Try the following in your garden:

Ivory Prince - Outward facing blooms create a strong colour display.


Orientalis, some of the hardest Helleborus - Red Lady (left, red flowers), Ruse Black (center, 
       Purplish-black blooms)
, and White Lady Spotted (right, white with maroon speckles).


Landscape Installation