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October Check List

Perennial Cutback can be a Tall Order
As your plants begin to tire and the frost takes its toll, cutting back the foliage to about 2 inches
will help keep the job at hand manageable. By leaving the cut backs until the very end will only
result in it feeling like a never ending story. There is nothing worse than trying to cut back 4
foot foliage that had fallen every which way, when its freezing outside. Some feel that leaving
the foliage to die back until the bitter end is the best way to ensure the plants vigor for next year,
but the difference is minimal. If the foliage is withered back than there is not much left for the
plant to absorb. This will allow room to plant bulbs and add compost to your beds, not to
mention eliminating places for pests and disease to overwinter in and a tidy look.

Out With the Old and in With the New by Pulling Annuals
Say your goodbyes, it's time to start pulling out the annuals. By now, the cold overnight
temperatures are more likely to go below zero which reeks havoc on our tender annuals.
It is time to compost them and make room for Mums and pumpkins! After pulling the annuals
out of the beds, it is a perfect opportunity to add compost to your beds for the spring. I
strongly recommend mushroom compost because I have seen it perform miracles on my
plants. Annuals take a lot of nutrients out of the soil and can have an effect on plant growth
the following year, compost will replenish any deficiencies and take away your worries. Pots
should be emptied and stored away as necessary and covered with plastic (if cement) to
avoid any freeze-thaw damage.


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