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May Check List

Photo by: Dianna Dawson 2008 Lawn Mowing Madness
April showers bring wild growing lawns. Mild temperatures, moisture and sun are the perfect ingredients for growing blades of grass. Ensure the ground has dried out sufficiently that when raked, the grass is not pulled out. Usually if the lawn has greened up and is shaggy; it is time to cut unless there is a drainage or irrigation issue. Start with a freshly sharpened lawnmower blade, oil change, new gas and clean air filter. A properly cared for machine will minimize damage to cut ends of grass. Set height of lawnmower deck to cut at about 3 inches while the air is still cool.

A F.A.D. Is In
Fertilizing, Aerating and Dethatching are not a phase but a must at this time. As your turf starts actively growing, it needs these three procedures to fight pests and disease and contribute to a healthy lawn. Without the use of herbicides and pesticides, a strong healthy lawn is your best foot forward. Fertilizer is easily absorbed by the hungry roots, aerating fights compaction and increases water and nutrient uptake and de-thatching promotes new root growth and eliminates sites for disease and pests to hide. With a proper watering program to help through the dry spells, your carpet will be ready.

A Full Garden is a Happy Garden
Giving your garden beds food, (whether a veggie or flower garden) now is like sending your kids to school with a full tummy. Plants require extra nutrients at the beginning of the season to help feed while it is coming out of dormancy and fight off any encroaching pests. This is when your plants are going through their growth spurt and need to send nutrients from the roots, to the stems, to the petioles right down to a tiny piece of fuzzy hair. Whether it is mushroom compost, slow release, chicken poop, liquid feed or kitchen compost from the winter... use it.

May 24: The Golden Rule
This long week-end is the general rule for gardeners to plant out their annuals without having to worry about frost. Many of us try to ignore this rule and push the date back a week or two, but find ourselves running out draping sheets or pots over our hurried convictions swearing we will never do it again. So, please just wait!.

Living on the Edge
A fresh edge around your beds will really set the mood for your spring garden. Not only will it keep grass from creeping where it is not wanted, but it defines an area and with some cultivation of the soil, accentuates your planting. Cultivating is not just for looks, but helps loosen aggregates in the soil to help against compaction and allow air and water uptake from plants. Through the season it is a great way to make a huge impact with little effort. Rockcliffe Landscaping will always be happy to answer your questions on lawn care.

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