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March Check List

Gear Up For The Upcoming Season
Get all your tools in working order for the upcoming gardening season. Grease your tools, ensure all tools with screws and bolts are secure and in working order, sharpen hand tools, shovels and lawnmower blades and replace any tools or equipment that has seen its last day. Start the season off and running with organized, well maintained garden tools and equipment.

Start A Seedn'
If you haven't already, March is the best time to start many seeds that you may have collected in the fall (or the fall before that for many). Research each seed to ensure you give it the appropriate amount of time to grow before transplanting (many seeds, many different requirements). Some seeds require stratification which is a fancy word for a period of cold before seeding. Get equipped and get started.


Plan For Upcoming Projects
Have you been thinking such thoughts as "I should extend my patio" or "I really need to do something about this barren yard" or maybe you just don't want to single handedly take care of the maintenance around your property this year. I know there's still snow on the ground but this month really is the time to start making those calls and getting your projects organized before the big May rush.

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Prune Summer Blooming Plants
Any shrub that blooms in the spring should be left well alone until it's finished with its spectacular performance. Only then should you take out your loppers and give it a good pruning for the following spring. Summer blooming plants on the other hand really profit from pruning in March. The shrub or tree is still dormant therefore there is minimal stress on the plant; pruning at this time of year helps those summer bloomers thrive and perform once their time to shine rolls around.

Check On Supplies
Soil, fertilizer, pots, tags, organic pest and weed controls, stakes, thread oh my! Go through your supplies, get rid of broken pots or dried up fertilizers, make sure you have enough of everything to get you started (I know there's still snow but it's not around for much longer I promise). No gardener like the prepared and organized gardener.

Remove Berlap/ Winter Protection From Plant
This should always be done before the plants break dormancy. Ask your Maintenance professional if it is part of you contract or if you need additional information.


Landscape Installation