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Easy Gardens

As Spring arrives, our thoughts immediately turn to the promise of gardens with lush greenery and new blooms to awaken our senses that have been dulled by the long winter.  Whether you are starting from scratch or need to rethink your existing space, now is the perfect time to start planning for your beautiful easy garden!

Many feel that gardens are complicated and time consuming but it does not have to be this way.  With proper planning, gardens can have a huge visual impact without being fussy and high maintenance.  Follow these tips on how to install a simple and easy garden that will provide endless rewards without the arduous upkeep. 

Plan in advance. It is always a good idea to do some research and put everything down on paper first.  This will help to ensure the proper selection of plants suitable for the existing conditions and minimize potential mistakes that can occur with impulsive choices. Plants that are installed in the wrong spot or that are not suitable for our climate will either need to be replaced when they eventually deteriorate or will require more maintenance than necessary.  An example of this would be having to constantly water a moisture loving perennial that has been planted in a hot and dry location.

If the idea of having to do some research is overwhelming or just too time consuming, consider retaining the services and knowledge of a landscape designer.  Combining their expert knowledge with your tastes and wishes can provide you with a beautiful easy to care for garden.  In the long run, hiring a landscape designer can save you valuable time and expense by eliminating the potential of costly mistakes.

Don’t overdo it. While gardens should be in scale with your yard, they do not have to be overwhelming in order to create visual interest. Consider putting in a couple of good sized garden beds in key focal areas as opposed to the entire perimeter of your yard which can be difficult to maintain.

As well, installing a medium sized tree in the proper place can provide a wonderful focal point and create an intimate space, while requiring very little maintenance.

Keep it simple. Installing groupings of plants, as opposed to many different kinds of plants, will allow the eye to flow throughout your garden and will help to create a sense of tranquility in your space. This will also simplify the care requirements of your garden.  Looking after just a few types of plants is a lot easier than looking after many different types.

Select low maintenance plants. Choose shrubs and perennials that will require very little care when planted in the proper place.  There are many plants that, once established, will require minimal attention throughout the season. Plants such as Daylilies and Bergenia are disease resistant, can withstand some periods of drought, and usually only need a clean up in the fall.

Install an irrigation system. Consider installing an irrigation system in your garden.  This will help to ensure that the garden does not undergo unnecessary stress due to drought.  Stressed out plants may require more attention than when they are healthy and happy, as they can require more clean up and are more susceptible to pests and disease.  Irrigation systems will also save your valuable time and give you the peace of mind from having to remember to constantly check moisture levels.

Mulch!  If you do nothing else, install 2-3 inches of mulch to your garden beds.  This step will provide you numerous rewards.  Not only will mulch help to unify the space and visually tidy up your garden beds, it will also help to minimize the amount of weeding required and will help the soil to retain its moisture, thereby decreasing the amount of watering required.

We live in a busy world where free time is scarce and valuable.  This should not deter us from having a wonderful garden to enjoy during those free moments.   We should instead reward our hard work with an amazing, uncomplicated and low maintenance garden where we can unwind from our busy lives.  There is absolutely no reason why we can’t enjoy a beautiful and easy garden!


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