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It’s that time of year again when our thoughts anxiously anticipate the awakening of our gardens. Now is the time to plan ahead for the upcoming season so that you can enjoy the all too short summer to the fullest.  Planning in advance will also help to ensure that you don’t miss out on treating your landscape to the pampering it deserves. You will be greatly rewarded for your efforts when you can boast having the best yard on the block!

The following are some things that you can think about and plan for in order to take advantage of the small windows of time that we get during the growing season.

Create a wish list.  This is my favorite thing to do.  Create a wish list of everything you would like to have done in your landscape. When complete, take the time to prioritize these projects according to your budget and time.  These projects, whether large or small, will benefit from planning ahead to help ensure a smoother implementation and to avoid delays.  For instance, do you require the help of a landscape designer?  This time of year can be an incredibly busy time for a landscape designer so call as early as possible to prevent delays. 

Pamper your lawn.  If you’re not doing so already, now is the time to consider extra treatments for your lawn.  Topdressing, over seeding, aerating and fertilizing will all help to develop a healthy lawn that you won’t have to struggle with.  With the pesticide ban in effect, it is now more important than ever to treat your lawn with care in order to avoid potential problems.  Many of these treatments are time sensitive so plan for them in advance so they don’t get overlooked. 

Feed your garden.  Over time, soil can become depleted of nutrients as they get absorbed by the plants or leach away with water run off, so it is a good idea to amend your soil.  While this can be done at any time of the season, it is usually best to amend your soil early in the season when the plants are small or in the late fall when your perennials have been cut back. 

Top up your garden beds with some fresh garden soil or add some composted material such as mushroom compost.  Not only will you provide some nutrients for your plants, the amended soil will also be better able to retain needed moisture.

 Mulch your garden beds. This is also a good idea, as mulch will break down over time.  Adding a couple of inches of mulch to your garden beds will help prevent weeds from taking hold, retain moisture, and will visually tidy up your landscape.  This is also best to do in the early part of spring or later in the fall so that the perennials are not in the way, but if that isn’t possible do it at any point.  The rewards are far greater than the effort required!

 Putting together a plan for the upcoming season will help to ensure that you do not miss out on the short window of opportunity our climate allows.  Don’t let another season go by without following through on those good intentions.  Your landscape will look better for it and will provide you with a great space to enjoy all summer!



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