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More evergreens

This year we recognize the usefulness of the evergreen in our northern climate.  No plant can offer the same all year round effect like the evergreen which is why we will explore more varieties, colours , shapes and sizes.  Keep an eye out at your local garden centers.  

Bolder Container Gardening

Containers are becoming bigger, grander, and bolder.  Large containers are becoming more readily available in multiple styles and colours, raising the container garden to a fabulous new level.   Try tall tropical plants, ornaments and multiple levels for big impact.  Also, a brightly coloured container with a monochromatic planting is the sharpest way to incorporate colour to your entrance.

Gardening with a Purpose

This is the fastest growing trend you will see this year.  More vegetables, herbs and edible plants are being incorporated into design concepts and plantings.  The idea is to sustain your family, wildlife, preserve water and waste very little.  We are all moving towards a greener happier lifestyle and the vegetable garden is making a big comeback.  Try incorporating edibles with existing plantings or arrange your garden in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The Comeback of Summer Bulbs

Canna (Canna Lily), Colocasia (Elephant Ear), Alocasia (Amazon Lily), (Musa) Ornamental Banana, Phormium (New Zealand Flax), Pennisetum (Fountain Grass) and more;  the use of summer bulbs and tropical plants is making a comeback.  The biggest comeback will be made by the Dahlia this year.  Keep an eye out for new, bolder varieties and classics all the same.

Recycled/Reused Materials in the garden

This year we look at our garbage in a new way.  Let’s use egg cartons as seedling plugs (which can be planted directly into the garden), panty hose as hanging planters, or an old bureau as a potting table.  New creative ways to reduce our waste will emerge in the garden.

The Composter

You probably have one.  They have come and gone in the world of garden trend, but this year we start to understand the meaning of our composters.  Rather than tucking it away in the back corner of the yard, they will be placed in ideal sunny area where we can more readily use then.  This is all part of the green movement.

Increased Tree Planting

Trees nurture our planet.  It’s time to see how important it is to plant more trees and care for the ones we already have.  Read, The Impact of Trees in our Landscape for more information.

Rain Collecting Devices/Water recycling

Rain barrels are becoming more readily available and they are popping up in new shapes and styles.  But it doesn’t end there.  Rain collection devices are gaining popularity fast.  Drainage systems can collect your rainwater and recycle it into a water feature which, in turn, reduces runoff that pollutes our rivers.

Importance of Wildlife

Selecting plants that will benefit wildlife will become more important this year.   We aren’t planting bird and butterfly gardens for our enjoyment anymore; we are planting them to support our birds and butterflies (although we still get to enjoy them).  Shelter and nourishment become important…more important than losing a few perennials to a rabbit.

Art in the Garden

Hit the flea markets for interesting antique, vintage and reinvented pieces for the garden.  Everything from statues to furniture can make a statement in the garden.   A wonderful way to support your community is to source out local artisans; some artists will create custom pieces for you.  Select several key pieces that will add year round interest to the garden. 


Landscape Installation