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There may come a time when your beloved garden may start to look overgrown and out of control.  Fear not, there is no need to start over!  Good news, reworking an existing garden can end up looking even better than starting a brand new one as you will have some mature plant material to give structure to your landscape.  There are a few simple things that you can do to have your garden looking great again. 


Attend to overgrown shrubs.  Overgrown shrubs can be one of the biggest visual offenders in an older garden.  Attending to these shrubs will have a big impact on the aesthetics of your landscape.  Some shrubs may just need to be tidied up with a good pruning while others may need to be removed altogether if they are simply too large and aggressive for the space.  Consider replacing these shrubs with other more suitable plants.

Divide overgrown perennials. The majority of perennials will benefit from division every few years.  They can become too large for their space and may start to get lanky or woody over time.  Dividing these perennials will help to rejuvenate these plants again and will give your garden a tidier look.  Reuse the extra plants in other areas of your yard or give them to your favorite neighbour. 

Re-edge garden beds.  One of the simplest things you can do to freshen up your garden is to re-edge your garden beds for a much cleaner look.  You may even decide to re-shape your garden beds for a new look. 

Amend your soil.  A great way to freshen up your garden beds is to amend the soil.  If you find that your soil is looking dry, depleted and compacted, loosen up the soil around your plants and work in some new garden soil or compost material.  Not only will your garden beds look nicer, but so will your plants from the added nutrients. 

Add some new plants. If you find your garden a bit dull, now is a great time to add a few new plants.  Changing a few plants here and there can add some excitement and will have you appreciating your garden in a new way.  Simply take out any plants that are not working visually, that are not doing well, or that you may just be indifferent to and try adding something new and fresh. 

Mulch. You’re almost there, don’t give up now! Not only will mulching help to reduce weeds and help to retain moisture in the soil, but it will also give your garden a finished and tidy look. 

Whether you choose to do all of these recommendations or just some, reworking your existing garden with these simple steps can provide you with a fresh, rejuvenated landscape that you will enjoy even more than when it was first installed! 


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