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Thinking “green” no longer applies to landscape gardening and maintenance alone; these days there is a trend towards sustainable landscape installation.  What better way to get off on the right environmental foot from the very start.  Here are a few suggestions on how on how you can turn your landscape project green. 

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Reuse existing materials. Existing flagstone or boulders can easily be incorporated in a new design.  Incorporate winding flag stepping stones in your design to create a destination or place random ones in your garden beds to give you a stable place to rest when tending to your garden.  Larger boulders can be used to create a nice natural focal point so don’t be too quick to dispose of them if you happen to dig some up. 

Maximize permeability in your landscape. When considering the layout for your landscape, make a conscious effort to incorporate and maximize areas for water absorption.  Allowing for water absorption will reduce the amount of water runoff that can collect contaminants and spill into rivers and other bodies of water. 

Consider expanding garden bed areas and create paths with permeable materials such as peastone.  Installing pavers on the driveway, instead of using asphalt, is another way to help reduce runoff.

Source local materials.  It may be tempting to source out a particular product that no one else is using in our area, in order to create a unique landscape, but consider the possible consequences of this choice.  Chances are the product may not be suitable for our climate and may not weather well.  What will look good for a short period of time may need to be replaced all too soon. Consider purchasing your materials from local suppliers that tend to carry products suitable for our climate, and benefit from the added bonus of minimizing the effects of transportation on the environment. 

worldMinimize lawn areas.  Consider reducing lawn areas in order to minimize environmental pressures caused from mowing, aerating and fertilizing.  This can be achieved by increasing garden bed areas that incorporate low maintenance plant material.  Installing additional smaller seating area can also be used to reduce lawn areas and will provide an added bonus of a private destination. 

Turning your landscape project green does not have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive.  Simply consider these suggestions when you are in the planning stages of your project and they may easily be incorporated.  What better way to honor the very environment around you!


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