Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting has recently become our fasted growing area.  Customers have found that the addition of outdoor lighting greatly enhances the value of their landscape by allowing them to view it during the evening hours.  Even when you are inside you will appreciate the way that night lighting allows you to see your gardens in a unique way.

Landscape lighting can be used to….

  • Light up steps or pathways for better visibility
  • Accent plant material or landscape features
  • Highlight architectural features on your house
  • Provide a sense of security
  • Make your property come to life

Professionally designed and installed low voltage lighting is not to be confused with what you might see sold at typical hardware stores.  Light levels are much brighter and fixtures come in many shapes and styles.  All systems are installed with a transformer which allows for the installation of fixtures without an electrician as they operate at 12v.  As a standard feature we include an astronomic timer to control the operation of the lights so that you do not need to worry about turning them off at night, adjust a timer to compensate for changes in sunset or have the lights go on during cloudy days using a light sensor.

With the recent introduction of LED bulbs the maintenance of bulb replacement has been virtually eliminated.  As well electrical consumption costs have been drastically reduced going from 50w to 6w for a standard MR16 bulb.  If you have an existing system changing over to LED bulbs is a great way to upgrade.  Most bulb styles are now available.  You can also add many more additional light fixtures to an existing system by switching to LED bulbs.

Amalfi with Natural Stone Border  Steps

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